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CBCT Scanner

Enhanced Visualisation

With the Help of a CBCT Scanner

What is a CBCT Scanner?

A cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanner that captures impressions with a cone-shaped X-ray beam. The impressions obtained are then used to create a 3D image of the teeth as well as the bones and soft tissues in the maxillofacial region, which involves the mouth, neck, and jaw. Images of the ears, nose, and throat can also be taken by a CBCT scanner for 3D representations.

What Makes the CBCT Scanner Better than a Conventional Dental X-ray Machine?

The CBCT scanner provides a three-dimensional view into the teeth and mouth anatomy, while a conventional x-ray machine only produces two-dimensional images. 

Information from the CBCT scanner can deliver enhanced visualisation that results in more precise evaluation, treatment planning, and diagnosis of dental problems and other conditions.

CBCT Scanner Benefits

Digital Dental Technology

Higher accuracy and better image quality
The CBCT scanner can target a specific spot so dentists can thoroughly examine an area as needed. This is especially helpful when focusing on small areas of the mouth, such as one tooth root. The scanner can also get images from different angles for a more accurate view that results in a more efficient evaluation and diagnosis.

Obtains images of bones and soft tissues
The CBCT scanner is capable of taking images of bones and soft tissues, unlike conventional dental x-rays that can only get information on the bones. This helps with a more detailed evaluation and the formulation of a more accurate treatment plan.

Comfortable and fast
The scanner takes the images from outside the mouth so the entire procedure can proceed in the most comfortable manner. A specific area can be scanned in less than 10 seconds so a full-mouth scan can often be completed in less than a minute. The non-invasive procedure will not take a lot of time and will not cause discomfort as well.

Lower radiation dose
Compared to a CT scan, the CBCT scanner uses a lower radiation dose for increased safety against this risk.