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Digital Dental mpressions

Digital Dental impressions

Accurate Images without the Gooey Discomfort  

Accurate Images without the Gooey Discomfort

Digital impressions obtained by optical scanning devices – such as the iTero intraoral scanner – make it possible for the dentist to create a virtual image of the teeth as well as the soft and hard tissues within the mouth.

Within a few short minutes, the whole mouth anatomy’s image can be taken without the need to use conventional impression materials that can cause significant discomfort. the images obtained are highly accurate and help with more precise treatment planning.

Digital impressions result in a more comfortable experience that eliminates the need for that gooey stuff to be put inside the mouth to take dental impressions.

Benefits of Dental Impressions

Digital Dental Technology

Shorter chair time – Taking digital impressions of the tissues within the mouth can be finished in a few minutes, resulting in shortened chair time for enhanced comfort and efficiency.

No gooey stuff inside the mouth – The intraoral scanner takes care of obtaining the necessary impressions so there is no need to put the gag-inducing gooey stuff inside the mouth for the dental impression.

More comfortable– With the shortened chair time and without the messy dental impression mould, you can have a more comfortable experience while images of your teeth and mouth are taken.

Interactive experience – Digital impressions are used to create clear images that will deliver a clearer visualisation of what the result will look like. This can encourage you to be more engaged in your treatment process and can even develop heightened excitement for the outcome.

Efficient data storage – Digital impressions do not take up physical space since they are stored electronically. The images can be stored indefinitely for efficient data storage that is also environment-friendly because there is no need to use a lot of paper.